Hydrogen Whiskey is a L.A. based animation studio, known for producing cutting edge CG trailers & cutscenes, character animation sets, as well as motion graphics, design and visual effects.

Since 1992, Hydrogen Whiskey, a Dragonlight company, has served games, interactive, and entertainment industries. Our West Los Angeles location provides access to an army of creative talent, and rapid scalability.

Combining the best of animation and character performance with extensive production experience, including casting, directing, motion capture, and audio, plus the unique expertise of working within many game tools and engines.

Most recently, we are proud to be working with TELLTALE animating in-game character sequences for Game of Thrones and Borderlands - and with ZYNGA creating game promo videos and mobile app previews.

Hydrogen Whiskey. Our proof really is in our work. Contact us to discuss your next project!


In-game Sequences
Hand key
Motion Capture




Character Design
Set Design

Audio & Sound

In-house VO Recording Booth
Full Sound Design
5.1 Mixing

Production Services

Motion Capture & Voice Over Casting
Motion Capture & Voice Over Directing
Action & Fight Choreography
Hydrogen Whiskey SIZZLE REEL
Hydrogen Whiskey
Known for hi-end cutscenes, trailers, game animation, and commercials, Hydrogen Whiskey has served the entertainment...
In-Game Animation - Telltale Games
Telltale Games
A smidget sampling of Hydrogen Whiskey in-game animation on TellTale Games: The Walking Dead, Game...
App Previews, Video Ads and Launch Trailers
We love Zynga games! For Zynga, we create app previews, video ads and launch...
Rendered Scenes
Opening and closing movies for the game! Working on-site at Disney, rubbing elbows with...
Kinect Star Wars - In-game Cutscenes
Microsoft Studios
60 minutes of stunning in-game and rendered cutscenes in the Pod Racing and Jedi Destiny:...
Cutscenes in Unity
Way Forward Technologies
Til Morning's Light, an Amazon Game Studios game Cutscenes by Hydrogen Whiskey. Modeling and animation in...
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
WayForward Games
Rendered Opening and Closing Movies
Generator Rex: Rendered Cutscenes
15+ minutes of rendered cutscene sequences for Activision's game based on the Cartoon Network hit...
Bloodrayne 2 Trailer
Majesco Games
Hydrogen Whiskey created this killer trailer for Majesco's Blood Rayne II. Production included storyboards, environmental...
Nascar Unleash Opening Sizzle Movie
Working with our wonderful client Activision once again, Hydrogen Whiskey created this kick ass 3d...
GhostBusters Cutscenes
Vivendi Universal
Who you gonna call? Working with Terminal Reality and the Infernal Engine, Hydrogen Whiskey created...
Character Model Samples
Various Projects
A compilation of some of the character models created here at Hydrogen Whiskey, a Dragonlight...
Saints Row 2 Trailer
THQ, Inc.
This fun and intense trailer for THQ's Saints Row 2 was a challenge to create...
UFC Undisputed Teaser Movie
THQ, Inc.
The Hydrogen Whiskey team flexed its muscles and pushed it to the limit on this...
WWE SmackDown! vs. Raw
WWE SmackDown! vs Raw 06, 07, 08 & 09. Storymode cutscenes, character modeling, trailers.
Game Assets
We have lost count of the games we've provided characters, environments, vehicles, weapons, and other...
Front Mission Evolved Cutscenes
Foundation 9
HWhiskey created 85 minutes of in-game cutscene sequences for Front Mission Evolved. Our work included...
Dungeons and Dragons: Heroes cutscenes
Hydrogen Whiskey had a blast creating more than 30 minutes of rendered cutscenes with our...
NBA 2k2 Opening Movie 2
Visual Concepts 2k Sports
Hydrogen Whiskey had a blast creating these opening movies for Sega's NFL and NBA games....
Uncharted3 Test
Naughty Dog
Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception is the third game in the Uncharted series, created by Naughty...
Front Mission Evolved Motion Graphics
Foundation 9
Hydrogen Whiskey created 85 minutes of fully animated in-game cutscenes sequences for Front Mission Evolved....
NBA 2k2 Opening Movie
Visual Concepts 2k Sports
Hydrogen Whiskey had a blast creating these opening movies for Sega's NFL and NBA games....
Spectracide Commercials
Salt Studios/Spectracide
NFL 2K2 Opening Movie
Visual Concepts 2k Sports
Hydrogen Whiskey had a blast creating these opening movies for Sega's NFL and NBA games!...
Iron Man 2 Facial & Lipsync R&D
Sega Studios
Hydrogen Whiskey created animations for in-game cutscenes for Sega Studios' Iron Man 2 game. This...
Arias Facial & Lipsync R&D
Facial Animation Test
Front Mission Evolved Lipsynch Test
Foundation 9
Hydrogen Whiskey created 85 minutes of in-game cutscenes sequences for Front Mission Evolved. This was...